Georgia Network Security Consulting, LLC (GANSEC) offers a range of services to private and commercial clients.

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I. Penetration Testing / Vulnerability Assessments

  • Our security assessments focus on the infrastructure and the services offered.
  • We do not just scan your networks and print out the standard results available security scanners provide; we do customized audits that are specific to your setup and your environment, and we document the results extensively.
  • We perform external and internal assessments, as well as in-depth penetration testing.
  • We take great care to avoid any impact on the availability of your infrastructure.
  • We do our assessments after hours or within any window you specify.
  • We can offer advice in PCI, HIPAA, HITECH, HITRUST and SOX questions.


One of the core elements of our services is understandable, correct, extensive and precise documentation of anything that we plan to do, we have been doing and we have done for you. Nothing will be done without having been properly documented beforehand and agreed upon by you.


II. Web Site and Social Media Account Security Assessments

Any business needs a website these days, plus connections to all the main social marketing media applications (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram etc). There are many hosting providers, ‘simple website setup’-tools, packages, all readily available to you, the business owner. However, more often than not, these ‘deals’ do not include a post-setup security audit that will you alert of security configuration risks that can enable perpetrators to gain administrative access to your web presence. GANSEC offers quick-turnaround post-deployment audits that will show you where your risks are. Also, audits include testing any related social media accounts for additional security risks.


III. Infrastructure Security Assessments

Another core service that we offer is to assess the current security stance of your infrastructure.


  • review the setup and configuration of any devices connected to your network,
  • compile a report on what needs to be done to improve the infrastructure (with a focus on network security, but we can also suggest improvements from a performance, scalability and resilience standpoint),
  • implement these suggestions and
  • remediate the issues

We also

  • review configurations of servers, network devices, security devices (firewalls, AV installations etc), patch systems and suggest configuration changes
  • install anti-virus solutions, firewalls, proxy servers, network devices, wireless access
  • and we propose upgrade paths for your infrastructure that consider security best practices


IV. Speaking Engagements

As a service to the community, GANSEC also offers, free of charge, to speak at public gatherings like PTA meetings local community meetings other local group meetings. We believe that the more people are educated about security and safety on the Internet, the safer and better our world will be. For this reason we are willing to educate anyone who wants to learn about this very important topic.